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Fresh salmon in an Auckland kitchen


We have a great range of fresh smoked salmon. To keep our products fresh, we have them all vacuum packed.
All Products vacuum packed for freshness:
  • Fresh Salmon fillets 700 gram to 1 KG
  • Fresh Salmon fillets 5 piece boneless 750 gram to 800 gram
  • Seasmoke, cold smke thin sliced 250 gram
  • Seasmoke sliced and interleaved 500 gram
  • Cold Smoked pieces 500 Gram
  • Hot Smoke Portions 6 individually packed( salmon strings) 540 gram
  • Hot Smoke Pieces 500 gram
  • Hot Smoke Tails 500 gram
  • Hot Smoke Fillet Mixed Pepper Sides 450 gram to 1kg
  • Fresh NZ Scallops (seasonal)
  • Frozen Scallops
  • Cooked and peeled King Prawns
  • Raw King Prawns 
Call Salmon King today for quality fresh salmon and more in Auckland, and you will be provided with information on which products are available seasonally, frozen, smoked, and fresh.


  • Hot Smoked Salmon 6 pack (Salmon Strings) Beautifully flavoured hot smoked salmon. 6 individually packed for your convenience. 
  • Great with salads, pasta or by itself or on a cracker – perfect! 
  • Mixed Pepper Sides (Hungarian Flavoured) High Quality product superbly prepared and ready to eat.  
  • Looks great on a platter and tastes even better. Make sure you bring it down to room temperature before eating.  
  • Fresh Salmon Fillet – 5 piece and boneless, vacuum packed for freshness.
  • No need to worry about bones here, high quality product and very fresh. 
Salmon King provides fresh salmon and more to some of the largest companies in New Zealand right down to the smallest home businesses.

For quality fresh smoked salmon and more in Auckland

At Salmon King we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality seafood to the Auckland and surrounding areas.
When it comes to seafood, it is a simple fact of life that fresher is better. Salmon and other seafood contain fragile meat which can begin to lose flavour and nutrients mere minutes after being caught.

This is the reason why here at Salmon King in Auckland, we are dedicated to bringing only the finest, freshest seafood to your plate. For quality fresh smoked salmon and more, call us today on 09 378 0080 and expect the freshest food on the market.


No matter how big or small your company is, if you are looking for a particular product, we will do our absolute best to source it for you, as we have a range of year round and seasonal supplies.

Ordering from us at Salmon King in Auckland is second only to being at the seafood market yourself! Our business is also proudly all New Zealand owned and grown, with the exception of our king prawns.
Salmon in Auckland
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